Questions and answers about sex

Sex is often on a survivor's mind but not often mentioned. 
"Will I have another stroke during sex?"
No. Unless you are high risk for a heart attack, there is no reason for not having sex. Ask your physician if you are concerned.

"Are my antidepressants I'm taking affecting my sex drive?"
Maybe. Many antidepressants have a side-effect for reducing libidos. Talk with your doctor about switching to medicines that have fewer sexual side-effects.

"Will we still be able to achieve sexual satisfaction?"
Yes, but it might be different. Sexual satisfaction, both giving and receiving, can be accomplished in many ways. Whatever is comfortable and acceptable between partners is normal sexual activity.

"Will it be like it used to be?"
Many couples find their sexual relationship has changed. But this might not be a bad thing. If you have limited movement or feeling on one side of your body, try a new sexual position. The key is being open about this and being open to change.

"What if I have an accident during sex?"
Make sure you gone to the bathroom beforehand. In-dwelling catheters can be taped out of the way or removed for a short time during sexual activity. If an accident happens, don't dwell on it. Try to treat it matter-of-factly.

Here are some good resources: