My Mask

There's a story behind every mask and behind every mask there’s a person, a person that’s been touched by brain injury.

Name:  David
Title: Turned on a Dime
City: Rockford
Brain Injury: Ischemic Stroke
Explanation of Mask:
  •  My life turned on a DIME (dated 2008) when I had my stroke turning my life UPSIDE DOWN.
  • I went from sunny YELLOW to depressing BLUE mainly due to my aphasia and apraxia (ZIPPERED MOUTH). 
  • The stroke hit me light a LIGHTENING BOLT, and the RED X marks the spot on my left side of my brain.

About this project:
"The mission of Unmasking Brain Injury is to promote awareness of the prevalence of brain injury; to give survivors a voice and the means to educate others of what it’s like to live with a brain injury; to show others that persons living with a disability due to their brain injury are like anyone else, deserving of dignity, respect, compassion and the opportunity to prove their value as citizens in their respective communities."

Some of the masks: