In -- and out of -- wheelchairs

Getting use to a wheelchair -- and leaving it behind

Exercising in a wheelchair can be fun is to yoga, as this website shows: yoga-for-wheelchair-users-8-poses.

Also see the sites that talk about chair yoga, since whatever you can do in a chair, you can probably do a wheelchair.

If you are close to walking again, you can do these strengthening exercises -- with supervision. (Click on the image, and print it out.)

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Getting Up after a Fall
If you fall, pick yourself up! Here's how:

Foot drop
Many stroke survivors suffer from foot drop, which means they have a hard time lifting the front part of their foot, thereby dragging the front of the foot on the ground when walking. There are many approaches to the problem. The usual solution is a brace, or ankle-foot orthosis. Or you can try some of these inventions and gadgets, most of whom using a Functional Electrical Stimulation system.

If you are in a wheelchair -- even temporarily -- you might want to read the Guide to Wheeled Mobility on the ABLEDATA site. And to spruce up your wheelchair, check out

Consider making these modifications throughout the house as well.  

Getting into and out of a car is always a pain. Here are the basic steps:

Travel tips
Hotel rooms that are accessible to people with limited mobility are available throughout the United States. It is best to call an individual hotel to discuss your specific needs to ensure that they will be able to accommodate you. The following websites offer advice on the types of questions to ask when booking a hotel room.
You can find all kinds of ramps and accessible thresholds on the AbleData site.  Then you can go to ramp page at Amazon to purchase them.

Railings / grab bars
See the good selections at Amazon.

If you are trying to walk again, always step up with you good leg first, and down with the bad. (Remember, "the good one goes to heaven.")