Working in your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom

Make your home safe and convenient

universal cuff


Consider the following suggestions for improving your kitchen:
  • Maneuvering space at doors: If in-swinging door obstructs a bathroom or kitchen fixture, use offset hinges, swing door out, hinge door on opposite jamb or widen doorway
  • Increase the number of electrical outlets for additional lighting and reachable appliances and alarm indicators
  • Clear floor space in kitchen with a minimum 60-inch turning circle
  • Lever style or adaptable handled faucets
  • Handles, not knobs, on cabinets and drawers
  • Adaptable cabinets to reveal knee space or lowered to a manageable height
The founder and director of Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camp, Marylee Nunley, made this video on her cell phone during the pandemic:

The items she demonstrated:
adaptive utensils


Consider these items:

Bedrooms and Dressing
Consider these:

  • a button hook
  • a zipper pull comes in handy too
  • a general reacher can be useful when dressing
  • a long-handled shoe horn
  • a sock aid (see below on how to use them)

How to use a sock aid: